Linux Journal Contents #171, July 2008

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #171/July 2008

Heard of the Web? If not, read on. This month we talk with Matt Mullenweg about WordPress. If you want to get your hands dirty in Web code, take a look at the rest of our feature articles on WebKit, Dojo and OpenLaszlo. In the rest of the issue, you'll find articles on OpenID, RDFa and Quanta Plus. Kyle Rankin puts a new spin (as in "no" spin SSD) on hard drives and also tells you how to migrate to that new disk (spinning or not). Mick Bauer continues his series on customizing live CD's. And, James Gray gives us a feel for the state of Linux in the enterprise. After all that, you may need some TV time. If so, check out our review on how to make that digital TV tuner card work in your Linux box.





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