Linux Journal Contents #170, June 2008

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #170/June 2008

The people stood up and they have been counted: the Linux Journal 2008 Readers' Choice awards are here. After you find out if your candidate won, make sure you check out the rest of the issue. Chef Marcel highlights some educational programs for the little ones. Also in this issue: Rails authentication, image resizing with bash, sound on the OLPC, script writing with ScriptBuddy, email with Zimbra, the Cowon iAudio media player, some CD hacks, some Firefox extensions, and booting a thin client across a wireless connection.


  • Readers' Choice Awards 2008  by James Gray
    The results of the 2008 Readers' Choice Awards are in! How do your preferences compare with those of the larger reader community? Get ready for some surprises!




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