Linux Journal Contents #168, April 2008

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #168/April 2008

The April 2008 issue of Linux Journal focuses on system administration. In this month's cover story, James Gray explains how to green up your system (and save lots of green) using Linux's tickless kernel and other power-saving strategies. For more practical skill sharpening, dig into this issue's feature articles—Scott Lackey discusses configuration file management with cfengine, Kyle Rankin does network booting with PXE and Frederico Kereki introduces server administration with Webmin.

Keeping with the administration theme, check out the myriad other skill-building articles in the April issue, such as Jeramiah Bowling's on tapeless backups, Jes Hall's on VMware Server Beta 2.0 and Francis Lachapelle and Ludovic Marcotte's on Scalable

There is also much to enjoy from the lighter side. While Shawn Powers illustrates how to replace your iPod's firmware with the richer (and open-source) Rockbox, Jes Hall shows how to hack your Eee PC to your heart's content. Finally, Marcel Gagné, king of the lighter side, celebrates his 100th Cooking with Linux column, demonstrating the joys of desktop administration with a Pinot Noir in hand.





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