Linux Journal Contents #69, January 2000

by Staff
Linux Journal Contents #69, January 2000

Linux Journal Issue #69/January 2000



  • The OpenPhone Project—Internet Telephony for Everyone!  by Greg Herlein
    Call your friends and family from your computer—a look at the future or the present? With Linux, the future is now.
  • World Domination  by Eric Raymond
    Eric takes a serious look at what the world will be like when Linux is the dominant operating system—or is he just kidding.
  • Advanced Packet Data Testing with Linux  by Wesley Erhart, Joseph Bell, Marc Hammons and Mark Mains
    At Nortel Networks, we have developed a Linux-based system for testing a second-generation packet radio service. During system development we explored the details of packet radio, the IP internals of the Linux operating system and device-driver development.
  • BIND Version 8 Features  by Eddie Harari
    Wondering about the latest version of BIND? Wonder no more. Mr. Harari is back this month to tell us all about it.





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