Linux Journal Contents #4, August 1994

by Staff
Linux Journal Contents #4, August 1994

Linux Journal Issue #4/August 1994


  • EZ as a Word Processor  by Terry Gliedt
    Part of the Andrew project, ez edits text and images using a graphical interface
  • Disaster Recovery  by Mark F. Komarinski
    Something is wrong, now what: This article will help you figure out what went wrong, how to get started on fixing it,or now to prepare for possible crashes.
  • Wine  by Bob Amstadt and Michael K. Johnson
    Wine allows you to run programs compiled for MS Windows under Linux, FreeBSD, and NetBSD. Learn what Wine is, and how it works.
  • Eagles BBS  by Ray Rocker
    The birth of a popular bulletin board system.
  • Linux Does Comics  by Robert Suckling
    Linux to the rescue—crating an easy-to-use, retail subscription system.

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