Linux Journal Contents #27, July 1996

by Staff
Linux Journal Contents #27, July 1996

Linux Journal Issue #27/July 1996


  • IP Masquerading with Linux  by Chris Kostick
    How to enable and configure IP masquerading, also known as Network Address Translation, for Linux.
  • Understanding Red Hat Run Levels  by Mark F. Komarinski
    How to easily add to or modify the existing subsystems of Red Hat distributions of Linux.
  • Filters: Doing it Your Way  by Malcolm Murphy
    A look at several of the more flexible filters, programs that read some input, perform some operation on it, and write the altered data as output.
  • The New Korn Shell  by David G. Korn, Charles J. Northrup, and Jeffery Korn
    ksh93, the latest major revision of the Korn Shell language, provides an alternative to Tcl and Perl.

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