Linux Journal Contents #130, February 2005

by Staff
Linux Journal Contents #130, February 2005

Linux Journal Issue #130/February 2005


  • A Temporary Internet Lounge  by Colin McGregor
    The Knoppix live CD became the basis of a quick and easy Internet room for a high-traffic, low-budget event.
  • Diskless Linux X Terminals  by Chip Coldwell
    Ready for the ultimate in managed desktops without all-new hardware? Make diskless PCs work the thin client way.
  • Get on the D-BUS  by Robert Love
    New desktop apps need to be aware of each other, changes in files and even when the phone rings.
  • in the Limelight  by Cezary M. Kruk
    Here's how one magazine deals with deadlines, compatibility and work flow using the popular free office suite.
  • KDE Kiosk Mode  by Caleb Tennis
    Some desktop options are good for users to customize. Others, well, here's a plan that will make support calls go a little more smoothly.





  • EOF  by Don Marti
    Behind the Scenes at NASA's New Linux Site



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