Linux Journal Contents #1, March 1994

by Staff
Linux Journal Contents #1, March 1994

Linux Journal Issue #1/March 1994


  • Linux Vs. Windows NT and OS/2  by Bernie Thompson
    We continue to see media blurbs and ads for both Microsoft's Windows NT and IBM's OS/2. Both promise to be the oprating system that we need and to take advantage of the Intel 386 and beyond.
  • Interview With Linus, The Author of Linux  by Robert Young
    The interview with Linux Torvalds, the author of the system kernel of Linux. His thoughts and ideas of Linux past, present and future are truly far reaching.
  • Onyx  by Michael Kraehe
    We continue to see database applications being developed in fourth generation languages (4GLs), and we continue to seemore and more sophisticated (and expensive) 4GLs.

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