What's new with Ruby

by Pat Eyler

Wow! There have been big events in the Ruby universe recently. I’ll be writing about several of them over the next couple of weeks, but today I want to touch on one that gets pretty deeply into Ruby.

Ruby has a long history of test-infection, and has had unit testing tools in the standard library for quite a while. Nathaniel Talbott wrote test/unit and has maintained it ever since, but he’s not the only person deeply involved in unit testing with Ruby. Ryan Davis ,also known as zenspider, and Eric Hodel have done sme amazing work with ZenTest.

It turns out that Ryan (and probably Eric, it seems like they work on most projects together) are going to take over test/unit. It will be interesting to see where test/unit goes in the hands of these two test driven hackers. One thing that they’re promising is that it will be smaller (probably based on miniunit).

Good times indeed.