Welcome to the new LinuxJournal.com!

by Webmaster

I am Katherine, the relatively new webmaster (or webmistress if you prefer) here at LinuxJournal.com, and this entry begins my new blog about all things web, design and development. However, I will start by welcoming you all to the new version of LinuxJournal.com.

We hope you enjoy the new design and features. Justin Ryan, our news editor will keep us all abreast of current happenings in the Linux world in our new “Breaking News” section, and we will feature some great, exclusive web articles front and center on the home page, so please stay tuned for those.

For starters, there is a great article about some free Linux games that I look forward to trying out myself. James Gray, our products editor, brings us some cool info on a super-fancy, “tough as nails” laptop, Bruce Byfield helps us all promote ourselves with OpenOffice, and Dave Phillips has some cool stuff for the audiophiles among us.

I am really looking forward to constantly improving our new site, which now runs on Drupal 5.3. I am a bit of a Drupal fan, and plan on making use of additional contributed modules in the very near future, and I will keep you posted on anything exciting I discover in the process.

I need to give a special thanks to Tony Mobily for all his work getting the site out the door and customizing some cool features that make my life a lot easier!

We'll be adding some cool new features to the site in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to my blog for updates.

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