VMKings' VPS Hosting Solution

The management team of cloud provider VMKing, as developers themselves, found standard virtual servers not to be well tailored to the developer community—too much or too little space, insufficient security and no support for their preferred Linux OS(!).

To meet the specialized needs of developers everywhere, VMKings developed a fast, uncomplicated, developer-focused VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting solution. Now developers can serve as administrators of their own maintenance-free, customizable solution that can be upgraded instantaneously and scaled to match user needs. The hosting adapts itself to the preferences of the user, not vice versa, says VMKings.

Key features include the choice of distributions and frameworks that best suit the project, spin up and root access in minutes, flexible and scalable resource configurations, 99.9% SLA, blazing-fast enterprise-grade SSDs, a 40-gigabit fault-tolerant network with multi-regional data-center support and enterprise-grade hypervisor technology at the back end.

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