Things are Looking Stormy for GNOME

Yesterday was a dreary, rainy day — at least outside the newsroom here at Breaking News — but the meteorological presence at GNOME HQ was decidedly more pleasant, as the Foundation announced the appointment of Stormy Peters as Executive Director.

Peters is no stranger to the turf, having been one of the original members of the Foundation's Advisory Board, along with an illustrious resume that includes tenure as HP's Open Source chief, community management for OpenLogic, and a long list of activities in GNOME advocacy. She already has her plan in hand, declaring that she intends to continue her promotion parade, seeking new users and lining up sponsors, as well as her efforts to promote best practices and encourage innovation. It seems she's got her footwork well laid out, and — if you'll pardon us one last bad joke — we foresee a sunny future ahead.

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