Stuff You've Just Got to See

Once again we're overrun with stories you've just got to see, so we're bringing you todays gems right here in one convenient post. Without further adieu, Skype surveillance, missing iPhones, Craigslist killers, and much much more!

If you think you're safe using Skype to keep the government from snooping on your calls, think again. According to leaked documents from Germany, the Bavarian ministry is planning to step up wiretapping, and among the solutions is the Skype Capture Unit. That's right, the Bavarians are hacking Skype.

What might they find, you wonder? We're glad you asked. If they're snooping in Michigan, they might overhear plans to whack someone's husband. According to the FBI, a Michigan woman advertised for a hitman on — of all places — Craigslist. And here we thought only Walmart offered everything imaginable...

Speaking of criminals, how about a woman in Florida who — after seeing an ad from her employer for a job like her own — took revenge by breaking in and deleting more than a million dollars worth of data. The irony? She wasn't being fired.

Possibly stranger is a New York State archivist charged with stealing hundreds of historic documents from the state's collections and selling them on eBay. Apparently the state was looking the other way — probably at Intel — because nobody noticed five years of thefts until he was turned in by an attentive eBay bidder.

How about a little email intrigue? According to a blogger, Microsoft is discriminating against Linux by disabling it's web-based Windows Live Hotmail. Not saucy enough for you? How about a Yahoo user who claims her pro-Ubuntu answer to a Windows user was deleted from Yahoo Answers for "terms-of-service violations." Is anybody surprised they're in bed with Big Evil?

To wrap it all up, Apple has apparently lost 1.3 million iPhones. No, they didn't fall of the back of a truck, but they didn't sign up for AT&T service either. Apple suspects they're being horded by those darned hackers.

And that, dear friends, is that.

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