StarNet Communications Corp's FastX

WebAssembly browser technology is important for making the browser go beyond what JavaScript can do. StarNet Communications Corp says it is the first to plant a WebAssembly flag in the EDA space by integrating WebAssembly technology into its FastX remote Linux display solution.

The addition is part of StarNet's new FastX 2.4 release, which the company promises will provide EDA engineers with a significant browser client performance upgrade, particularly with video and graphics applications, such as Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools used in semiconductor design. The integration of WebAssembly improves in-browser client-side scripting by executing instructions natively rather than through an interpreter, such that Linux applications through a browser will run at near native speed.

Browsers with support for WebAssembly include Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. Besides the performance upgrade, users also will enjoy an updated UI, optimizations for operating in cloud environments and additions to the admin toolset, namely several new RDP Protocol extensions to help reduce bandwidth consumption, simplified upgrades and installation and an Advanced Windows Management system.

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