Simple Photo Editing, Linux Edition!

A while back I wrote about the awesome open-source image editing program Paint.NET, which is available only for Windows. Although I'm thrilled there is an open-source option for Windows users, Paint.NET is one of those apps that is so cool, I wish it worked in Linux! Thankfully, there's another app in town with similar features, and it's cross-platform!

Pinta isn't exactly a Paint.NET clone, but it looks and functions very much like the Windows-only image editor. It has simple controls, but they're powerful enough to do most of the simple image editing you need to do on a day-to-day basis. Whether you want to apply artistic filters, autocorrect color levels or just crop a former friend out of a group photo, Pinta has you covered.

(Image from

There certainly are more robust image editing options available for Linux, but often programs like GIMP are overkill for simple editing. Pinta is designed with the less is more mentality. It's available for Linux, OS X, Windows and even BSD, so there's no reason to avoid trying Pinta today. Check it out at

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