SCO v. Novell to Hit Utah in April

First there was The Rumble in the Jungle. Then came the Thrilla in Manila. Now it's time for the Wake in Salt Lake, as the trial in SCO's infamous lawsuit against Novell has been set for April 29th, and may well be the death knell for the failing company.

The announcement came Friday, as Judge Dale Kimball of the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah issued an order setting the trial date and time, and specifying that will last for four days. Additionally, the order states that any motions for summary judgment will be heard at trial, meaning that the motion Novell filed seeking to declare that SCO lacked authority to license UNIX technology will likely be first up on the docket.

Given SCO's progress in bankruptcy, and that the Utah court has, for the most part, already cut the legs out of the company's claims, the trial may well signal the very end for SCO.

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