Ruport Book Released

by Pat Eyler

The Ruport Book Project has announced that they’ve begun shipping pre-orders of their book. The primary authors, Gregory Brown and Michale Milner, are core developers of the Ruport reporting system for Ruby as well.

The book has been written in a tremendously open fashion, with Gregory and Michael gathering suggestions, feedback, and even editing through an open mailing list, and making frequent ‘beta’ releases of the book available for download—in fact, you can download free copies of the completed book as well.

I’ve written about different publishing styles before (here, here, here, and here if you’d like to go and look at them), but these guys are really pushing toward the edges of a community driven, boutique/self-publishing model.

From the looking that I’ve done, this looks like an excellent book. If you’re interested in reporting with Ruby, or you just want to support this kind of effort, you can always pick up a copy from