Putting Linux Behind the Wheel

More and more, it seems the cool thing to do these days is to put Linux everywhere. It's on computers, of course, from the biggest to the smallest, but it's also powering DVRs, mobile phones — even toasters. Now, BMW is planning to take it a step further, and offer up heated seats, active cruse, and a killer sound system — along with your favorite brand of Linux.

Apparently, BMW, along with Google — they're just putting Linux everywhere these days — and Wind River Systems, are developing a Linux-based Open Source vehicle operating system intended to make programming the cars of the future an easier affair. The system would also make it easier for vendors to provide cross-brand and cross-market compatibility for their products. According to reports, Chrystler and General Motors have expressed an interest in the system, while other manufacturers, notably Honda and Ford, have remained distant on the proposal.

Common sense suggests that Linux will eventually end up propelling us down the physical highways as well as the information superhighway — we just hope we won't need to compile it ourselves before making those late-night pizza runs.

Special thanks to Linux Journal reader Chrystal Edwards for bringing this story to our attention.
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