Paragon Software Group's Paragon ExtFS for Mac

Ever more Mac aficionados are discovering the virtues of Linux, especially when their older hardware can experience a renaissance. One annoying barrier to dual-boot nirvana is filesystem incompatibility, whereby the Linux side can access the Mac side, but Apple's macOS doesn't support Linux drives at all—not even in read-only mode.

A handy solution is Paragon Software Group's Paragon ExtFS for Mac, a low-level macOS filesystem driver designed to eliminate filesystem incompatibility between Linux and Mac operating systems. The solution grants transparent read/write access to ExtFS Linux partitions on macOS, allowing Mac users to access files fully that are stored on Linux volumes hassle-free, streamline data sharing and transfer up to 4GB+ files at a high rate.

The new 11th edition of ExtFS for Mac features a completely new UI and advanced features, including extended mounting options and a menu bar app allowing users one-click access to all ExtFS drives and instant execution of the most common volume operations—for example, volume mount, unmount and verify. Large volume support enables mounting volumes more than 2TB in size. ExtFS for Windows also is available from the company.

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