Open Source is Busting Out All Over the Place

It seems like everybody wants to get a piece of the Open Source pie these days. Whether it's Sun snapping up MySQL, Nokia grabbing Trolltech, or something more sinister, like SCO trying to squeeze the jelly-filling out of just about everybody, it seems like getting your hands on some Open Source is all the rage. In that spirit, we bring you two new Open Source projects announced over the past few days.

First up is a collaboration between Red Hat and Hyperic which promises to develop a set of common services — all released under the GPLv2 — that can be utilized to build infrastructure management into other applications. They've dubbed their offering RHQ, and set up a shiny new website to tell all about it. If infrastructure management is your thing, high-tail it over and see what they have to offer.

The second startup isn't really a new project, so much as an old and familiar one packaged in new paper: Mozilla Messaging, the new home of Open Source email super-client Thunderbird. Mozilla announced some time ago that they would be spinning Firefox's baby-sister off into its own company with its own funding and its own priorities, getting it out from under Firefox's shadow, and it's finally happened. As with the Mozilla Corporation — Firefox's parent-company — Mozilla Messaging is a subsidiary of the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation, and will continue to be the same great Open Source project it's always been.

That's it for today's Open Source birth announcements, tune in this evening for sports and weather.

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