The NEW SUSE Catalog is in!

Ahhh…’tis the start of the holiday season! Time for turkey, good cheer, frantic shopping…and the SUSE Partner Catalog? Well, for all of you SUSE aficionados/users out there, this is a big deal. This online, searchable catalog is the most comprehensive listing of certified and supported software products in the enterprise Linux space. Our “category search” for Quality Monitoring & Lifecycle Tools yielded 30 vendor results…lots of options.

The new catalog includes high-level information on 11,400 independent software vendor offerings along with specific version-level details that help you determine the exact solutions you need for your operational environments. That’s a LOT of browsing so put on your comfy slippers, warm up some cocoa and take a seat by the crackling fire with your tablet, go to and start building your wish list.

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