Netlist, Inc.'s HybriDIMM Storage Class Memory

The metachallenge in today's data-saturated world is turning Big Data into actionable insight. A straight line to faster insights can be found in Netlist, Inc.'s new HybriDIMM Storage Class Memory (SCM), which the company describes as the industry's first standards-based, plug-and-play SCM solution.

Based on an industry-standard DDR4 LRDIMM interface, Netlist calls HybriDIMM the first SCM product to operate in current Intel x86 servers without BIOS and hardware changes, as well as the first unified DRAM-NAND solution that scales memory to terabyte storage capacities and accelerates storage to nanosecond memory speeds.

Netlist adds that HybriDIMM's breakthrough architecture combines an on-DIMM co-processor with Netlist's PreSight technology—predictive software-defined data management—to unify memory and storage at near-DRAM speeds. The result is a dramatic improvement in application performance by reducing data access latency by up to 1,000 times vs. the fastest existing storage solution and up to 80% cost reduction compared to the highest existing memory density for in-memory applications.

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