Naztech's Roadstar 5 Car Charger

The "5" in Naztech's new Roadstar 5 Car Charger refers to the abundant five ports offered by the device, intended to end in-vehicle debates on who gets to charge their device next. Naztech says that its new charger delivers superior charging power and speed while protecting tablet and smartphone batteries and motherboards.

The Roadstar 5 features a compact design with five illuminated USB ports integrated on two units. The main unit that plugs in to the vehicle's electrical outlet offers two ports with the remaining three found on an extendible hub. Connected by a six-foot cable, the hub clips onto the backseat or center console, allowing users to access devices conveniently from anywhere in the car while charging.

The Roadstar 5 integrates Naztech's IntelliQ Technology that enables smart communication between the charger and the attached devices, resulting in the optimal and safest delivery of power and current level, as well as short-circuit and overcharge protection.

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