My Humble Little Game Collection

I currently have the flu. Not the "sorta queasy" stomach flu, but the full out Influenza with fever, aches and delirium-ridden nightmares. Bouts of crippling illness tend to be my only chance to play games. Thankfully, since I'm such a terrible gamer, being sick doesn't really hurt my skills very much!

Today I was playing Torchlight II from Runic Games. I realized it was just as simple for me to run this new, awesome game on Linux using Steam as it is for any Windows user. Thanks to the Humble Bundle sales, I have dozens and dozens of games that aren't cheesy knockoffs, but are actual versions of real games. I think Steam plays a big part in getting more and more games released for Linux, but whatever the reason, it's a great time to be a gamer in an open-source operating system!

The screenshot here is just a section of my past Humble Bundle game purchases. The Humble Bundle (which I've mentioned before) is a great way to get inexpensive games. When you add Steam, you have yet another way to play and buy games that work natively on your Linux system. If you're a gamer, or just have the flu, go download some games:

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