MultiTaction's MT Canvus-Connect

"A new era in visual collaboration" is the promise of MT Canvus-Connect, MultiTaction's new real-time collaboration software that enables visual touchscreen collaboration across remote locations in real time. The platform-agnostic solution provides remote users the means to share, manipulate, draw and input information in real time wherever they are based.

MT Canvus-Connect grew out of MultiTaction's MT Canvus product, which "is already unique in the way that it helps visualize big data and encourages collaborative working". It enables multiple sources, such as video feeds, web-based applications and content from smart devices, to run in parallel. MT Canvus-Connect extends this functionality by enabling multiple remote locations to collaborate in real time.

MultiTaction is also a leading manufacturer of ultra-responsive large touch-display systems, so the software solutions are all designed from the ground up to function in touch-enabled environments. MT Canvus-Connect operates in both Linux and Windows environments and integrates with current meeting-room technologies.

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