Mozilla Speaks On Why IE Bytes

Just over a week ago, Microsoft lackey Jeff Jones came out and claimed that Firefox is less secure than Internet Explorer because Mozilla finds and fixes more bugs than Microsoft. Now Mozilla is striking back at the bugs in Microsoft's logic.

According to Mozilla Europe President Tristan Nitot, Microsoft's first mistake — excepting Internet Explorer itself, of course — was their metric: bug counting. Nitot pointed out what most critics of the report have already said: low bug-fix numbers look good on the outside, but generally indicate not that the software is bug-free, but rather that a large number of unfixed bugs remain to which the vendor is oblivious.

He was also quick to dash Microsoft's criticisms of the Mozilla release cycle and length of support, noting that Microsoft continues to support multiple obsolete versions of the IE browser. He went on to discuss problems with the Windows operating system and his thoughts on challenges to the open source community.

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