Mandriva Has a Plan, and They Want You to Know It

It's been a week of unveiling and announcing, and nobody seems to want to be left out. The latest arrival to the party is Mandriva, which has announced the roadmap for Mandriva Linux 2009.

Those looking to jump into testing as early as possible should mark June 25 on their calendars, as the first alpha release will see the light of day a scant one week from now. On the agenda are Firefox 3, KDE 4, and OpenOffice 3, as well as improvements in boot time, migration tools and parental controls, a redesigned installer, and a switch to PackageKit and PolicyKit. Details including the wishlists and full specifications are available for general perusal on the Mandriva wiki.

Those who prefer to be beta bunnies should keep July 29 and August 18 free, while the release candidates should be ready to roll on September 3 and 29. The final product will be passed around the office on October 2, and is planned to hit the virtual shelves on October 9.

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