Linux Foundation to Embrace Individuals With Open Arms

If you've ever thought about becoming a member of the Linux Foundation — the not-for-profit organization responsible, among other things, for keeping Lead Penguin Linux Torvalds a'coding — then you might know it's been a bit of an expensive proposition in the past. The door has been opened a bit wider for individuals, however, as the Foundation is now offering an individual affiliate membership for the low, low price of just one easy payment of $49 per year.

In the past, corporate memberships, of which there are three classes, have been the most visible method of signing up to save the world. Running anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000 per year — though you do get some nice perks, like a seat on the board with your $500K — corporate membership has been adopted by a relative few, with most of the expected names appearing on the list. Individuals, though, were somewhat out-of-luck on gaining a seat — even a small one — at the table.

The Foundation is now offering an annual membership for $49, which promises a free t-shirt and quarterly newsletter, as well as the opportunity to elect two directors, and to run for one of as many as five seats. Of course, membership is more than a free t-shirt, or even a spot on the Board — it's an opportunity to help promote and protect Linux — and by extension, all Open Source software.

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