Learning Drupal Fundamentals

by Webmistress

Many of you already know what a huge Drupal fan I am, but on October 19th I am going to show you.  I hope you'll join me for a two hour online class about the fundamentals of building a Drupal site.  This class is ideal for those of you who are just getting started using Drupal, or who are curious about why and how you should use it.  As I am sure you know, Drupal is behind some pretty large-scale web sites and applications, and you've probably spent some time visiting Drupal sites such as Ubuntu.com and SpreadFirefox.com.  I'll show you the basics of getting a Drupal site up and running so you can start on the path to use Drupal's flexibility for your own projects.

Since many of you have your own open-source projects to promote and support, but may not be as well-versed in web development, I will create an open-source project site for the Billix distribution to demonstrate site building.  When you'd like to expand beyond your SourceForge page, you can turn to Drupal.

Drupal Fundamentals

Drupal is a leading content management platform used to build everything from small-scale blogs to major media and government agency sites, as well as complex enterprise applications. We'll show you how to put its power and flexibility to use on your own project. This online class will cover the basics of building a Drupal site, including essential module selection, configuration, and theme selection and modification. Using an open-source project site as an example, we will go through the major points essential to getting your first Drupal site online. We will demonstrate installation, basic architecture, content types, content display and layout.

Register at http://linuxjournal.webex.com

I'd also like to thank our sponsor, Codero, for helping to make the class possible.