Latest X Server Sees the Light of Day

Pulling things together for a stable software release isn't easy, and for many projects, it's a process that comes together when it's ready to come together. Other projects, however, have a more predictable cycle for their releases — and when the wheels come off the cycle, people take notice.

Such was the case for X.Org on Monday, as X Server 1.4.1, originally scheduled for a November 2007 "bugfix" release, rolled off the line — to a less than stellar welcome, at least from some corners. It isn't the only X to prove tardy to the party, however, as X.Org 7.4 — the upcoming release of the windowing system previously known for regular releases — is several months behind, having repeatedly bumped its due date, while a deck of Tarot cards is likely the most reliable indication of when the the follow-up version 7.5 will appear.

X Server 1.4.1 does close a number of security holes in the 1.4.0 release, as well as addressing memory leakage and the like, and adds support for DragonFly BSD, Unfortunately, the fixes weren't enough to clear all of the blocker bugs — a situation that would not have been tolerated in the past. Much discussion is ongoing in the various camps — most of what we've seen being constructively critical of the situation, but supportive of those offering up their time — and with any luck will result in a return to the regularity and stability of the past.

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