Kill A Watt: Now with Less Math!

If you're interested in how much energy your electronics use, it's hard to find a device better than a Kill A Watt—except maybe the Kill A Watt EZ! P3 International now offers model P4600, which provides the same features as its predecessor, but it also automatically calculates device cost per day, week, month or year.

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P3's new version does automatic calculation, and it also has a battery-powered memory to retain measurements even when unplugged. We still recommend using a short extension cord, because it's often difficult to read the Kill-A-Watt when it's plugged in to the wall. We recommend checking devices you suspect of high usage, and also those you don't. A laser printer, for example, uses very little power when idle, but things like an electronic pet-containment fence or even a doorbell can use much more than you'd suspect. Visit for more information.

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