Intel Gives OLPC The Shove

Intel — the multi-billion dollar company perhaps best known for its line of microprocessors — has decided it isn't really interested in providing laptops to underprivileged kids, at least not if they're XO laptops from One Laptop Per Child.

According to Intel, "philosophical differences" is the reason the company has resigned from the OLPC's board and pulled its funding of the project. They've also scrapped their plans to build an Intel-powered OLPC as an alternative to the existing one powered by AMD's Geode LX-700. Intel spokesmen were quick to deny that the use of AMD processors in the systems had any effect on Intel's decision, instead citing requests from OLPC that Intel stop promoting rival systems including its own Intel Classmate in the third world.

While the OLPC has yet to comment on Intel's decision, some supporters of the OLPC project have been quick to accuse Intel of dirty dealing. Only time will tell what impact Intel's departure will have on the non-profit project.

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