An IT megatrend in progress involves the shift from legacy monolithic apps running on enterprise storage to systems of engagement that interact with users, collect real-time data from many sources and store it in elastic and shared data services. A self-described "disruptive" enterprise seeking to push this vision forward is, which recently announced a virtualized data services architecture for revolutionizing both private and public clouds.

In contrast to the current siloed approach, consolidates data into a high-volume, real-time data repository that virtualizes and presents it as streams, messages, files, objects or data records. All data types are stored consistently on different memory or storage tiers, and popular application frameworks (Hadoop, ELK, Spark or Docker containers) are accelerated.

In addition to a 10x to 100x improvement in time to insights at lower costs, says that its architecture provides best-in-class data security based on a real-time classification engine, a critical need for data sharing among users and business units.

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