IBM's New SMB Cloud-making Machines

This week IBM released a bunch of new hardware, including 8 new Power Systems, 3 PureSystems models, and new storage technology. This is good news for small and medium businesses, because it means the same powerful hardware that powers Watson ( is now available at prices designed to compete with commodity hardware from other vendors.

The new systems are powered by IBM's POWER7+ technology, which is different than off the shelf x86 processors. The IBM POWER processors are ideal for high-end analytics and cloud services. Included in the new releases are two new PowerLinux systems, the 7R1 and 7R2, which are designed to take advantage of IBM's software solutions.

IBM is known for their large, powerful servers, and now that power is available for small businesses. By leveraging the power and affordability of Linux, IBM is making big business solutions available to everyone. For more information on the new Linux servers from IBM, check out their press releases:

IBM's new Power7+ systems:

IBM's PureSystems:

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