Gaming Like It's 1993

Two things happened in 1993: I attended my first year of college, and I played a lot of Scorched Earth. Oddly enough, the latter seemed to have more of an effect on my later career choices.

If you're nostalgic for the good old days of Shareware software on floppy disks, you really might enjoy the open-source Atomic Tanks, which is a modern-day clone of the old shoot 'em up tank game. Sticking remarkably close to the original, Atomic Tanks looks and plays just like the Scorched Earth of old. There are newer twists on the old classic, even some open-source ones like Scorched3D ( with better graphics and more realistic gameplay. I actually prefer Atomic Tanks' retro look, however, and if you played Scorched Earth from a floppy disk back in the day, you might too. Check it out at

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