Frozen Pizza? ICEcore Workshop From Novell.

by Pat Eyler

“Free Workshop; Free IceCore Tools; Free Pizza. Can life get any better???”

Not a bad lead in, eh? I sure thought so when the email showed up in my inbox. It turns out that Novell’s Open Source Technology Center is sponsoring a workshop on ICEcore, an open source collaboration toolkit (it’s written one way on their website and another in the email, I don’t know which one to believe.).

If you’re planning on being in Provo on March 13th, it might be worth checking out. Here’s what the email said:

Join us Thursday, March 13
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Open Source Technology Center
1800 South Novell Place, Bldg. A
Provo, Utah.
Daniel Shelley, workgroup products manager at Novell, will teach 
workshop attendees how to install, configure, and integrate IceCore, 
the open source workteam collaboration tool.  Increase your teams'
productivity while reducing their frustrations through using the
IceCore team workspaces and collaboration tools: blogs, wikis,
instant messaging, chat, voice over IP, and web conferencing. 
IceCore also integrates with other applications to allow you to
customize the solution to your project dilemmas.

Contact Linda at [phone number redacted] to 
reserve your place for this limited seating event.   Bring your 
laptop.  Sponsored by the Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) at

Looks interesting. Maybe not enough to come to Provo from LA or New York. But if you’re in Salt Lake City or Provo, this might not be a bad way to spend the evening. Worst case, you’ll get some free pizza for your troubles.