Equus Computer Systems, Inc.'s 1.5U Server

IT operations seeking to optimize valuable data-center rack space while improving efficiency are the target customers sought by Equus Computer Systems, Inc., for its "unique" new 1.5U server with data transfer rates of 12GiB/s. With two drive drawers each supporting eight 3.5" hot-swappable SAS/SATA hard drives and delivering up to 160TB of drive storage in a compact form factor, Equus' server also supports two internal 2.5" SSD drives, meaning it can scale out to 16 data drives while still providing a separate redundant OS volume. Equus observes that the 1.5U server can accommodate 33% more drives than a typical 2U server while using 25% less rack space. The availability of two drive drawers means drive failure will not bring down the server. Users simply can pull out the drive drawer and remove the failed drive while the rest of the drives in the drawer remain online.

The flexible 1.5U server is a great fit for academia, medical, enterprise or content delivery applications, and it functions well for object-oriented storage or as database, file or analytic servers.

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