EnterpriseDB's EDB Postgres Advanced Server and EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager

The elegance of open source is on full display with new product releases like EnterpriseDB's (EDB's) new PostreSQL-based database solutions. On the heels of the significant PostgreSQL 9.5 update come two EnterpriseDB solutions that take Postgres further, namely EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 and EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 6.0.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server integrates additional capabilities and security into Postgres that large companies and governments require in order to use it, and this new v9.5 features the following: preconfigured integration with Hadoop and MongoDB, enhanced security with password profiles, expanded compatibility with Oracle to ease and speed migrations, and dramatic performance increases through vertical scaling optimizations.

Meanwhile, EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager, EDB's single console for tuning, monitoring and administering large Postgres deployments, adds enhancements as well in this v6.0 release. These include Nagios support, failover management, a streaming replication wizard, audit log alerts and an improved alert UI.

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