eBay CEO: Thanks for the Memories...And The Billions, Too

Ten years is a long time to spend in the same job, and a billion dollars is a lot of money. But, according to the Washington Post it's enough for eBay's CEO.

Meg Whitman has been the top dog at eBay since 1998, when the company was barely a whisper and had a scant thirty employees. Since then, it's become a major player in Silicon Valley, has made billions of dollars, and is firmly entrenched as a household name. Apparently, that's enough for Whitman, as reports indicate she's planning to step down soon, possibly within the next few weeks. With an estimated $1.4 billion in the bank, we suspect it won't be to take a better paying job.

Speculation has run rampant about who may take over the big chair at Whitman's departure, with auction-chief John Donahue emerging as the odds-on favorite.

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