DivvyCloud Platform for VMware Cloud on AWS

DivvyCloud's unique niche in the IT ecosystem is helping organizations automate and manage their multi-cloud infrastructure at scale. The latest innovation from the company is the DivvyCloud Platform for VMware Cloud on AWS, a solution enabling consistent policy enforcement and automation of cloud best practices to customers of VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

VMware Cloud on AWS unites VMware's enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software together with the elastic, bare-metal infrastructure from AWS, which results in a consistent operating model and application mobility for the private and public cloud.

DivvyCloud maintains that its software is unique in the marketplace, due to its ability to track real-time changes across clouds and take customer-defined, autonomous action to fix problems and ensure policy compliance. Standard automation bots proactively address myriad security, cost and compliance challenges commonly faced by any organization adopting or expanding cloud-based infrastructure. The visibility and policy automation afforded by the DivvyCloud solution remediate security, cost and compliance issues, adds the firm.

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