CyKick Labs Ltd.'s Telepath

When a shopper enters a store, the retailer doesn't know if the person will simply browse, make purchases, shoplift or hold up the register. The same goes for visitors to a website. The challenge is to prevent and stop the bad guys without hindering beneficial customer transactions.

A new approach to threat protection, Telepath from CyKick Labs Ltd., leverages big data to apply behavioral analytics and machine learning to protect web applications against exploitation by individuals and bots alike. With Telepath, cyber security teams get early and actionable intelligence on emerging threats and comprehensive forensics capabilities, as well as insight into sophisticated attacks. Telepath is able to stop fraud by understanding normative site visitor behavior, inspecting enterprise web application transactions non-intrusively. It employs a hybrid approach based on rules and machine learning to identify suspect behavior. The solution protects web applications from multiple threats, such as industrial espionage information theft, account takeover, service disruption, business logic abuse and insider threats.

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