CORSAIR's Carbide Air 740

Part of the joy of owning a custom-built PC is building it yourself, notes CORSAIR. (Oh, do we agree!) In an effort to promote endless PC-making joy, CORSAIR developed the new Carbide Air 740 PC case that "offers remarkable cooling performance and the flexibility to handle even the most ambitious enthusiast system builds".

The Carbide Air 740 features CORSAIR's innovative dual-chamber Direct Airflow Path design, innovative cooling capabilities, unique bold design and a stunningly tinted, fully removable side-windowed panel. An evolution of the well received CORSAIR Carbide Air 540, the Carbide Air 740's Direct Airflow Path design fully utilizes the space within the case by splitting the system's hardware between two compartments. The main chamber houses the core heat generating system components—motherboard, CPU, graphics cards and memory—while the rear chamber mounts the 3.5in/2.5in drive bays and the PSU. This arrangement, claims CORSAIR, maximizes the airflow from the three pre-installed 140mm fans, delivering unparalleled, unimpeded airflow through the main compartment. Drive cages and cables are neatly tucked away and don't interfere with airflow, all without compromising storage capacity.

To maximize the coolness of running so cool, the Carbide Air 740's enormous, hinged and fully removable side panel is perfect for showing off those amazing builds and setups.

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