The Community Comes Through

by David Lane

As I wrote back on November 27, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to make software beyond its end-of-life work, and it is even more frustrating when it is really the best tool for the job. One helpful comment mentioned Ubuntu 8.04 as one possible source and the distro does include the code. A little more looking and some email traffic and it looks like the project has indeed been moved to the Ubuntu platform and is in some form of maintenance, enough that I will probably be able to accomplish my goals that way.

It means that I will have to learn a new distribution. As I might have mentioned, I came up the RedHat branch of the Linux family tree and having been forced to learn DEC VAX, NetWare, CiscoIOS, Windows, HP-UX and Solaris (from 2 through 10) throughout my career, I have tried to avoid learning yet another operating system, but it looks like I will have to hunker down and do just that. With luck I will be able to create not one but two articles from this little exercise, along with a functioning station/gateway for a variety of packet systems here in the Washington DC metro area.

So my thanks to a great number of people for all their help and comments!

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