CodeLathe's Tonido Personal Cloud

CodeLathe counts Dropbox and OneDrive as competitors to its Tonido Personal Cloud storage service. While the former can cost anywhere from $50 and up per year to store a TB of data, CodeLathe's cross-platform Tonido for the desktop is fully free, and storage space is limited only by users' hard drive capacities.

CloudLathe also boasts 100% private, secure file sharing due to, for instance, not storing user credentials by effecting authentication directly between the client device and the Tonido server running on a home PC.

Recently, the company launched a next generation of the Tonido personal cloud software that offers remote access to all documents, photos, music and videos stored on Intel Core processor-based desktop PCs from a web browser, smartphone, tablet and DLNA-enabled devices. Seamless global access is enhanced via Tonido Relay servers strategically placed across three continents and six countries.

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