Bruce Douglass' Agile Systems Engineering (Published by Morgan Kaufmann)

System engineers in aerospace, defense, automotive, transportation and rail, not to mention embedded software developers across disciplines, will be drawn to the ideas in Dr Bruce Douglass' new book Agile Systems Engineering. In the book, world-renowned author and speaker Douglass presents a vision of systems engineering in which precise specification of requirements, structure and behavior fuse with larger concerns, such as safety, security, reliability and performance in an agile engineering context. Douglass incorporates agile methods and model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to define the properties of entire systems while avoiding errors that can occur when using traditional textual specifications. The lifecycle of systems development is covered, including requirements, analysis, design and the handoff to specific engineering disciplines. The goal is to arm systems engineers with the conceptual and methodological tools they need to avoid specification defects and improve system quality while simultaneously reducing the effort and cost of systems engineering.

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