Migration to the cloud, the flexibility of network virtualization and the promise of IoT involve IT transformations that have placed incredible strain on enterprise security. To identify, assess and block threats proactively in this milieu, BlueCat has developed BlueCat DNS Edge, a first-of-its-kind solution that uniquely leverages DNS data to enhance enterprise security.

By driving policy down to DNS control points inside the network, BlueCat DNS Edge leverages the ubiquity of DNS to gain enterprise-wide visibility into the actions of every device on a network, including non-traditional devices, such as wireless security cameras, point-of-sale systems, ATMs and IoT devices. Deployed inside the network, DNS Edge control points identify suspicious internal behavior, patterns and threats, regardless of whether the device is communicating inside or outside the network.

BlueCat DNS Edge is promoted as the first DNS security solution with the flexibility to deploy anywhere businesses need it—on premises, in the cloud and as a core part of IoT architectures. BlueCat DNS Edge's simple, cloud-managed deployment model leverages existing DNS infrastructure, enabling organizations to deploy with no impact to existing infrastructure while driving resilience and reducing latency. Delivered as a service, BlueCat DNS Edge dynamically scales to meet anticipated and unanticipated spikes in network activity, such as seasonal activity or a sudden attack against enterprise infrastructure.

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