Best Web Browser

Take a look at the rankings for this week's Readers' Choice category.

Best Web Browser:

  1. Firefox: 57%
  2. Chrome: 17%
  3. Chromium: 7%
  4. Vivaldi: 6%
  5. Opera: 4%
  6. Brave: 3%
  7. qutebrowser: 2%

When the Firefox team released Quantum in November 2017, they boasted it was "over twice as fast as Firefox from 6 months ago", and Linux Journal readers generally agreed, going as far as to name it their favorite web browser. A direct response to Google Chrome, Firefox Quantum also boasts decreased RAM usage and a more streamlined user interface.

One commenter, CDN2017, got very specific and voted for "Firefox (with my favourite extensions: uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, NoScript, and Firefox multi-account containers)."

Who to watch for? Vivaldi. Founded by ex-Opera chief Jon von Tetzchner, Vivaldi is aimed at power users and is loaded with extra features, such as tab stacking, quick commands, note taking, mouse gestures and side-by-side browsing.

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