The AtoMiC Toolkit!

If you're a cord cutter (and a nerd), you most likely have a server or two dedicated to serving and possibly retrieving videos from the Internet. Programs like Kodi and Plex are awesome for media delivery; however, there's more to a complete system than just playing the videos. Although the ethical and legal ramifications vary from country to country (and conscious to conscious), the unfortunate truth is that programs like Sickbeard and NZBDrone can be difficult to install and maintain.

The folks over at created a set of Bash scripts designed to make the installation of media-related HTPC software painless. If applied to a freshly installed Ubuntu machine, the AtoMiC Toolkit installs the appropriate dependencies and software for most of the media-related software out there.

Like I always say when this topic comes up, using torrents and Usenet to download television episodes may not be legal where you live. Regardless of where you live, it might be ethically wrong to download them. Even if you just use programs like Sickbeard to organize the television shows you record with your own DVR, however, the AtoMiC Toolkit is a great way to get them up and running in short order. Check out the scripts at and learn how to install them at

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