Antiquated Hardware Revitalized, Not Happy

BeOS is sweeping the globe as it breathes new life into our old, outdated hardware. This new trend is keeping computers out of the landfills, and into the homes of consumers. Not everyone is happy, however, and some see it as unfair to the retired hardware.

"I served my time!", says one Dell 386 tower. "I worked hard running Windows 3.1, and I think I deserve to enjoy my retirement. Those new fangled dual core babies don't understand what it was like working without CPU fans. Did you know that I still have .03 ounces of mercury on my motherboard?!?! There weren't safety guidelines back then, you booleaned with the hardware they gave you."

Experts on the matter argue that although the older hardware did work harder, and accomplished less -- they paved the way for protected mode computing that dominates the market today. If it weren't for the IRQ problems, memory address conflicts, and proprietary hardware of the past, we wouldn't have many of the standard equipment we use every day.

A Packard Bell desktop workstation was also questioned, but locked up during the interview and was unable recover from the blue screen of death. BeOS Journal sends its condolences to the computer's peripherals.

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