Android Candy: Pocket

Most people are familiar with Instapaper and Read It Later. Those types of services are great for tagging Web articles for later reading, and in the case of Read It Later (now called "Pocket"), they do a wonderful job of copying articles off-line for reading when the Internet isn't available.

Using Pocket's Chrome extension, as I browse the Web during the day and find articles I'd like to read later, I add them to my Pocket queue with a single click. This works perfectly for me, because although I find lots of things to read during the work day, I don't have time to read them. Now, I simply can open the Pocket app on my Nexus 7 and catch up on my reading as if it were an e-book. As you can see, articles are formatted for easy reading, and because they sync off-line, reading doesn't require Internet access.

Pocket is a great system, a really nice Android app and provides an effective way of staying out of trouble at work! Check it out at the Google Play store, or visit the Web site:

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